​A new exciting seven-week course designed to unleash your creativity and give you the practical tools to anchor your projects and ideas into form. 


 Are you looking for practical help in bringing your creative ideas into being?


Feeling overwhelmed with too many ideas and don’t know where to start?


Or perhaps you have that ‘stuck’ feeling where you can’t get things going?


Anchoring your creative projects into being has never been this easy or exciting... 

Clear creative blocks, ignite your passion and start creating the life of your dreams  

Gift yourself the freedom of going on a deep, inner journey of personal discovery. A seven-week program designed to empower you to begin clearing your creative channel, ignite your ideas and then anchor your projects into being. All supported with a system designed to align you with the right energy and frequency to see you through the stages of creation.  


Creativity is often a voyage of discovery into uncomfortable places. Fear, lack of confidence and self judgement can prevent us from getting started or even finishing. The time is now ripe for us all to start clearing what is holding us back and begin stepping into projects/ideas that resonate and make our hearts sing. 


In these ever-challenging times, we are now being called to step into the energy of creation. As old systems begin to crumble and change around us, now is the time to begin adapting and working with creative energy to help build the New Earth.


It is our mission to help as many people as possible clear negative thought patterns, lack of confidence, distractions and self-judgement, so that they can go on to live the life of their dreams. This is what the world needs more of at this time - inspired love in action. As the planet and old systems are beginning to shift, the energetic frequency of creation is the way we build the new. ​So come join the dance!

Creativity made accessible


The fastest and easiest way to clear mental blocks preventing you from starting/finishing a project. This uplifting online seven-week creative embodiment course, plus bonus added creativity summit event, will give you the confidence to begin clearing what has been holding you back. Empowering yourself to unleash your creative potential will change your life! 


Clearing and focusing the mind


Clearing the mind is the first step to creating a clear channel for creation to flow. With invaluable tips and tools shared for you to use, this will kickstart you onto your creative path. Find out in the bonus summit event from skilled creatives, change-makers, producers, artists, spiritual coaches, healers and intuitives how they have overcome their greatest challenges with creating and gone on to produce expansive, heart-centred projects which reflect their authentic selves and mission here on Earth.


Follow your heart


The time is ripe at the moment for listening to the heart and following your soul’s calling. For too long, people have been left feeling trapped in jobs that don’t resonate with their dreams and life can feel hard, sluggish and difficult. Moving into the space of the heart, ideas begin to flow and we can attract in all that we need to support us. When we step into creative energy, we expand our frequency and potential for growth… then everything becomes possible!


Anchoring your projects


If you’ve ever experienced having a multitude of amazing ideas but never seem to be able to see them through, you will know the pain and frustration that can be felt by this. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem can often follow, moving you further away from your dreams. Learning a practical system of how to fully finish a project and discovering the secrets of the creative process becomes a new energetic lease of life.   


Introducing a practical seven step system of creating that will help guide you to anchor your projects, ideas and

dreams into being

​Are you ready to change your reality? 

  • Your course includes a 60 page PDF handbook to guide you through clearing your channel, finding your purpose and working with the specific creative frequencies to complete your projects. 
  • Each week there will be a new energetic frequency you will focus on and a set of tasks to commit to. Building momentum with the different energies, you will begin to feel and experience the seven step process. 
  • There are also a collection of videos to support you as you move through each week, plus PDF bonus material to support your daily practice. 
  • Benefit 1

    No time limit -  you undertake the course on your terms when it feels right for you. Once downloaded you have life time access to continue to use for new projects and allow the process become part of your life.

  • Benefit 3

    Fits around you - sometimes work, family, or life commitments come up and we don't feel we have fully embodied the experience. You have access to the course at any time through a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. So you can work on the modules wherever you are!

  • Benefit 2

    Energetic catalyst - the course is designed to focus your intentions, encourage you to become more energy aware and catalyse your life path. 



  • Benefit 4

    Low cost - in these globally challenging times, we are looking to help as many people ignite their creative spark as possible - so we kept the course cost low. We are on a mission to help as many people clear creative blocks to build a life that resonates with their true purpose.

This course has really got me onto my path! I feel clear, more courageous and ready to start ideas I'd previously just been daydreaming of. It's been an investment in a new way of living and working for me. 

Sarah - London

Laura Bacon

Course Creator & Founder of

Eunoia Energy Therapy 

The time is now! Start building and creating the life of your dreams

Week 1

WILL TO DO - Crown Chakra


  • Learning the tools to clear the creative channel. 
  • 21 day challenge to clear creative blocks. 
  • 'Unwrapping the Gift Within You' - Finding our purpose.
  • 'Golden Gateway Advice' - Our soul path.

Week 2

VISIONING - Third Eye 


  • Meditating and visioning your goal in the quantum field.
  • Creating a detailed description of your vision.
  • 'Five Senses to Manifest' - using the senses to create.  
  • Feelings as powerful tools in accessing the quantum field. 

Week 3

EXPRESS - Throat Chakra


  • Vocalising our goals to ourselves and others.
  • Finding the power in vocal expression.
  • 'Seven Step Sharing' daring to speak our truth. 
  • Finding the detail in our discussion.

Week 4

LOVE - Heart Chakra


  • 'Gateway to the Cosmos' - Opening the heart.
  • Learning the language of the heart.
  • 'Becoming a Guardian' - creators/parents of your idea.
  • Nurturing self love and unconditional love for your idea. 

Week 5

BELIEVE - Solar Plexus Chakra 'Manipura'

  • Building inner strength and power for your idea.
  • Full ownership - truth, authenticity, strength and  commitment.
  • 'Sun Energy Strengthening Meditation'.
  • 'The Pillars of Truth' detailing the truth of your idea. 

Week 6

INSPIRED ACTION - Sacral Chakra 'Svadisthana'

  • Exploring the creative centre of the womb space. 
  • Building repeated rhythm to this area of our energy field.
  • 'Violet Flame of Invocation' - to begin building momentum.
  • Daily goals/targets set for completion to increase the rhythm.  

Week 7

​PEACE - Root Chakra


  • 'Preparing to Birth' - as your ideas come into being.
  • Cultivating gratitude for the discoveries within the creative process.
  • Invitation to the Feminine Energy to work through you.
  • 'Embodying Peace' - Closing Ceremony . 

Daily Practise - Opening to Channel/Create 

Initial 21 day process to clearing your creative channel

  • Nadi Shodhana breath work.
  • Daily Meditation.
  • Daily Intention Setting.
  • Daily invitation to welcome the energy. 

Daily Practise - Connecting to Your Keynote Frequency

Connecting to your pillar of light

  • Daily connection to your I AM presence.  
  • Daily meditation to your pillar of light.
  • Increasing your soul light/energy field.
  • Developing divine intuition and connection.  

Start Learning Now

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Not tomorrow, next week or next year… NOW! Stop putting it off, if you’ve got an amazing idea it’s time to step up and share it with the world. Magic will happen when you do!

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Training Modules

Meet The Creator

Laura Bacon
Energy Healer, Actress, Writer, Director, 

Producer, Songwriter, Creative


Laura is a creative healer committed to shining light on all walks of life through the magic of energy, stories, songwriting and filmmaking.


She has worked extensively as an actress, singer, writer, producer and director for the last fifteen years in the film and television industry.


She co-owns the film company Imagine If Films, producing films and television series. After a long, diverse journey developing her projects from production through to completion, she is now committed to sharing her creative manifesting tools to help others birth their dreams into reality.


Laura is also an intuitive energy worker, Reiki Usui Master practitioner and Theta healer, fusing her healing modalities with her creative processes.


Committed to helping people clear creative blocks and stuck energy, Laura now runs talks and workshops to help people clear their energy to ignite their creative passions.


Creativity is a divine birthright she believes and once activated is an unstoppable force. She is also the founder of Eunoia Energy Therapy - running events and courses and private sessions, to help people access their creative spark and connect to their authentic purpose here at this time.

  • Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Practitioner, Theta Healer 

  • Film & Television professional, with over fifteen years experience

  • Accredited Teacher and Actress 

  • Founder of Eunoia Energy Therapy 


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